Home Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a FaceID junction and iris recognition

Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a FaceID junction and iris recognition

Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a FaceID junction and iris recognition

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the first to bring iris recognition and the iPhone X the first to bring a FaceID technology with infrared sensors. Today we have the information that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will bring both technologies as a way to unlock the smartphone.

There is no doubt that iris recognition is much safer than FaceID, FaceUnlock or even the typical fingerprint sensor. But technology is not perfect. Unlocking a Galaxy S8 with iris recognition is annoying and little “normal”. Having to look at the smartphone directly and relatively close to your face makes the process a little bit boring.

Apple unveiled the idea of FaceID. Far from me saying that FaceID is perfect. I mentioned in an iPhone X review 2 months after it falls short of expectations, however, at the new apple terminal there is no other possibility.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be official on February 25

According to what we know of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, the terminal will bring the biometric sensor on the back and a joint of FaceID and iris recognition.

In the video that we can see below we have a clear idea of how the technology will work. In addition to scanning the retina, the terminal will also scan the face to improve the unlocking mode.

Will we have to approach the terminal in the same way as the Samsung Galaxy S8? Will this be the real way to counter FaceID from Apple? So far the questions are many and the answers few.

The rumors of the design and construction of the Samsung Galaxy S9 clarify many doubts, however, the characteristics of the smartphone continue to generate speculation. The new Galaxy S9 will be revealed officially on February 25 and only then will we have a concrete idea of what is coming.


  1. This different specs revealing all the time.. They should be fast and launch it.
    Wanna see the unboxing clips..
    Thanks for the info

  2. It’s damn nice nicer.. I don’t doubt Samsung, i know everything about the specs will be very cool and impressive.. Let’s wait till that day….
    Thanks for the info @admin


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