Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Apple iPhone X in fall test [Video]

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Apple iPhone X, an inevitable rivalry between the two largest makers of mobile devices in the world. A duel that drags on Google’s Android counterposition to Apple’s iOS. Now it is time to see a new fall test in order to compare the strength and integrity of each of these tops range.

Costing € 1179 (base) and € 869.99 is certain that you will not want to drop any of these premium segment mobile devices. However, that’s exactly what the YouTube PhoneBuff channel did. Putting both smartphones under identical conditions, we have here a fair comparison on the durability of each.

Samsung has made virtually no changes to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 by taking the new location of the biometric sensor. Now in a central position and much more accessible. We also have the presence of a second chamber in the larger model, the S9 +.

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However, Samsung has made its Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + more durable by using a slightly thicker glass. It also has a strong aluminium alloy. Even so, it is still a smartphone built in glass, such as the Apple iPhone X, the top of the range of Cupertino.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone X

Moreover, the Apple iPhone X uses a steel frame, harder than the aluminium used in the Samsung Galaxy S9. It should also be mentioned that during his presentation Apple said that they used the hardest glass in any smartphone. Even so, either one or the other is no match for a hard or cement floor. Eventually, both of them end up being completely shattered.

Next you will be able to find the video that tests the limits (and eventually surpasses them) of both tops of range.


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  1. O my God 😰! It’s IPhone X, just because of the steel that help It before.. I always prefer Samsung to iPhone.
    Thanks for the info

  2. Thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going…. I really enjoyed exploring your site. good resource… vShare iOS 11

  3. Wow… Samsung is so strong, i mean the screen, it didn’t break easily like that of X. How i wish they throw one for me.


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