Home Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9: Smartphone production starts in December

Samsung Galaxy S9: Smartphone production starts in December

Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone production starts in December

It was said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 next top-of-the-range Samsung could be officially presented already in January in order to combat the success of the Apple iPhone X.

I remember that the Samsung Galaxy S8 had a delay of launching against the usual dates. Instead of being officially unveiled in February at Mobile World Congress, the South Korean company preferred to launch the device in March with sales in April.

Although we do not know if the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unveiled in January, however, it’s time to find out more about the Asian brand’s next terminal.

iPhone 7 best selling smartphone in the first half of 2017

So far we know that it is possible that the Galaxy S9 offers us an 18: 9 end-to-end screen, somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but with a dual rear camera and a fingerprint reader in a slightly different place.

Samsung Galaxy S9 could be revealed in January!

It is rumored that the next top-of-the-line company will keep the 3.5 “jack for headphones, a rare case in the high-end smartphones of 2017.

It is also expected that Samsung will present technology identical to Apple’s Face ID.¬†Although the brand is a pioneer in iris recognition, the disadvantage of unlocking Face ID can be a sign of change.


  1. Wow… Nice update! We didn’t think of Galaxy S9 again as they jumped on to 10 which they called Galaxy X. If am not mistaken.
    Meanwhile, thanks for the update sir.


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