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Samsung Galaxy S7 receive security update for Android

Samsung Galaxy S7 receive security update for Android

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were introduced to the world ran the month of February 2016. Undeniably these were two of the top Android range of South Korean that has made worldwide success and even set new sales records.

Following the lines of the Galaxy S6, this pair came to bring the curved screen to the most famous line from Samsung. The first curved screen arrived with Note Edge, but it was with the Galaxy S7 Edge that this trait began to gain new strength.

Now that they have been celebrated for more than three years, the updates are scarce for all of their users. Samsung usually gives two years of system updates to their top of the range, at best. That is, the most likely is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will not receive the Android Pie.

But until then there is still official support from the company. This means that security updates will continue to reach this top-tier pair, at least for now.

Samsung Galaxy S7 receives September security patch

Anyway, the fact is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has already started receiving a new security update. This brings with it the latest Google security patch, dated September 1.

This G930FXXS3ERHD compilation from the Samsung Experience is reaching all users via OTA. It brings the fix for nine known critical vulnerabilities of Android and still another 18 inherent in South Korean software.

Also, it has some general stability improvements to the operating system. All with the intention of making the daily use of the Galaxy S7 even better, even with its “age.”

For now, this update was only sighted on the Samsung Galaxy S7, and there are no reports of its arrival to the Edge version. However, it is expected that this will happen soon given the similarities regarding software between both devices.

So be aware of the notifications on your smartphone, because soon you will have to receive all the news reported here.


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