Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to support the S Pen, but there is a big drawback


In the past few weeks, there have been several rumors indicating that the S Pen may debut on the Galaxy S line with the launch of the Galaxy S 21 Ultra. In addition, last Monday, Max Weinbach said that three pieces of Device would support this accessory.

All of this is good news for the admirers of this pen, however, what nobody expected was made public today. According to Max Jambor, the S Pen will not be included in any of the Device that will support it next year.

If you want to use the S Pen on the Galaxy S 21 Ultra you will have to buy it separately

That’s right. If what is advanced today is confirmed, whoever wants to take advantage of this powerful accessory will have to buy it separately. That is, contrary to what happens in Note models, the Galaxy S 21 Ultra and the rest will not bring the S Pen inside from the box.

S Pen

It should also be noted that Samsung’s next top of the range will not have a storage space for the S Pen, as with the Galaxy Note. This will allow the South Korean to safeguard more internal space for other components, but will increase the likelihood that users will lose the accessory.

If all of this is true, it will be important to know how much the S Pen will be sold for. . We know that a second unit of this accessory currently costs 39, 90 € through Samsung’s official store in Portugal.

This is one of the rumors that I sincerely hope will not be confirmed. The absence of this important accessory in a more accessible Device would be understandable, but not in a model that will certainly surpass the barrier of 1000 €.

What makes the S Pen so special?

There are several devices on the market with support for this type of accessory. However, few manage to make it as special as Samsung, largely due to its fantastic integration with the software.

Being a pen, it is obvious that it is possible to draw and take notes on the smartphone with the S Pen. However, the gadget can still remotely control the device’s camera, control music playback and more.

If the S Pen doesn’t even come in the box of the Device that will support it, the user will have to consider if it is really important to you. After all, it is always an extra investment that you will have to make.

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