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Samsung Galaxy S20 “FE” is on its way. Know the details

According to leaker @Boby 25846908, Samsung is preparing another device in the Galaxy S range 20. It’s called Galaxy S 20 FE (Fan Edition) or Galaxy S 20 Lite. This would be a less powerful version of the S-range tops 20, with a lower price and less features.

If true, this would be the second time that Samsung would launch a device under the name Lite. Months after Galaxy S 10 and Note 10, Samsung decided to replace A 81 and A 91 by the S 10 Lite and Note 10 Lite. However, the Device was not very successful in the market.


Therefore, we do not know what Samsung hopes to achieve with a Galaxy S 20 Lite or Fan Edition. According to the leaker, the Device will be powered by a Snapdragon processor 865, that is, it will be a true top of the range.

According to rumors, Samsung will launch this Galaxy S 20 FE to respond to the OnePlus 8T, which is expected to be revealed during the last quarter of the year. It seems that manufacturers cannot simply accept new models from competitors, having to launch others to compete.

Another Galaxy S 20 to “fill” the market?

In a more opinionated way, why do we need another model Galaxy S 20? The Galaxy S 20, Note

    are no longer enough , Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flip Z and even the A ranges? Samsung already fills the mobile phone market every year and still wants to add one more.

    In the end, it would be better if this Galaxy S 20 FE or Lite was just a rumor because by the time it comes out, all eyes will be on the Galaxy Note 20 and there will certainly already be rumors of the Galaxy S 21.

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