Home NEWS Samsung Galaxy S10 to be unveiled at MWC, Galaxy X in January

Samsung Galaxy S10 to be unveiled at MWC, Galaxy X in January

Samsung Galaxy S10 to be unveiled at MWC, Galaxy X in January

The new member of the Samsung Note family has not yet been officially signed, but the company is expected to start the year with the introduction of two devices: the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the irreverent Galaxy X.

The first of this pair will be the traditional first top of the year range of the technology giant. The second will be something truly revolutionary and the market awaits so much. It will be one of the first foldable smartphones to hit the market.

Well, if all this comes to fruition we will have a change in Samsung’s policy. For the first time the company will begin the year with the launch of two major equipment. Something that will obviously have consequences in your presentation policy.

Indeed, earlier rumors have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive earlier. This Android top-tier could be unveiled at CES 2019 in January. All to make room for the new Galaxy X and still try to fill the mediocre sales of the Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 expected to return to Barcelona, ??Galaxy X unveiled in Las Vegas

However, today we have Ice Universe , known Chinese leakster , to refute such a theory. According to him, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be unveiled in February, while the Galaxy X will be unveiled in January.

If this is confirmed, the South Korean will take to Las Vegas one of their most irreverent equipment in recent years. It will be at the great North American fair that we will get to know your first foldable smartphone.

Something that makes much more sense given the natural spirit of this great technology fair. Fair in which many brands choose to unveil revolutionary products or technologies or prototypes to the world.

Thus, it opens up space to take the Samsung Galaxy S10 to its natural habitat. It will be in Barcelona, ??during the Mobile World Congress, that we should get to know the new top Android range of Samsung.

This could revolutionize, once again, one of the most popular lines of smartphones of the South Korean company. After the Galaxy S9 are mere incremental evolutions, it is believed that the new S10 will refresh this line.

The most anticipated new feature is the built-in fingerprint sensor. Rumors feed that it will be in this range that Samsung will debut this technology in its portfolio.

We are also hoping for a design revolution, after two years of the Infinity Display philosophy we know of. Not forgetting also the possible presentation of three equipment, with the possibility of one of them having a smaller screen.

All these are mere rumors and are still a long way from your confirmation date. Both devices will only be unveiled in 2019, so there is still plenty of time to talk and reflect on them.


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