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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will have an even bigger screen than the next Note 9


The rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S10 seem more intense than the next Galaxy Note 9. I remember that Note 9 is only a few weeks away and the Samsung Galaxy S10 will only be unveiled at the next Mobile World Congress in February.

It is true that rumors have stated that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive earlier than expected , but every year is the same conversation and almost every year comes at the same time. Excluding the S8 that was postponed to after the Mobile World Congress.

That’s why I’m surprised that the rumors are starting to be more intense around this future smartphone. Even so, there is not much desire to ignore them. Samsung has already begun the process of deciding on the next top-of-the-range terminal.

The equipment goes through stages. First we have the prototypes and decision. Two to three months of being officially revealed begin to be fabricated. That is why information leaks are more intense on these dates.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with larger screen than Note 9? So get a SPen!

It is curious that we do not have any concrete information about the next Note 9, which should be revealed in August, and we already have some ideas of the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Previous rumors said that the terminal could arrive with 3 variants. One of them with a reduced value and without curved screen. It will theoretically be a way to counter the next iPhone “low cost” that will be unveiled in September.

Samsung Galaxy S10


New rumors coming from “The Bell”, which has proven correct in the past, indicate that Samsung is thinking of increasing the screens of its top of the range.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to come with a 6.38 “inch display and reportedly the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will bring a rough 6.44” inch display.

The “smaller” model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to increase the inches from 5.8 “inches to 6” inches.

But larger screens do not mean bigger smartphones. The South Korean company may well have figured out a way to reduce the device’s margins and stretched the screen to be the same size as the Galaxy S9.

Of course, only time will tell if these rumors are based or not. The image you see above indicates that it is one of the prototypes of the Galaxy S10 and we can really see that the screen is large and the margins have disappeared.

The biggest question I have is where are the sensors and the front camera? Hopefully to see if the next rumors and leaks of information go in favor of this information.


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