Samsung Galaxy S10 Information leak shows 12GB of RAM

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will officially arrive next February at the Mobile World Congress. While it’s early to be certain of anything, there are those who believe that the device will be unveiled sooner than planned in order to beat the competition’s crescent.

If this is the case, it is very likely that information leakages will begin to be more concrete than ever.

There is information from safe sources and there is this information. So, pour that pinch of salt into this image. As much as the image seems to be the reference to device in official entities, they may well be made in photoshop.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with 12GB of RAM? I do not see why not!

However, I believe that this can happen. This is because Xiaomi has already released a smartphone with 10GB of RAM and the next Mi Mix 3 is preparing to offer the same typology of memory. The new information speaks on 4 models of the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, one of them gives us the information to offer 12GB of RAM and 5G. Since the 5G in Europe is still seriously behind China, it is very likely that this model will be destined for the Asian market.


Looking at the picture we can see the Samsung Galaxy S10 with 4GB of RAM, 6GB of RAM for the Plus and 8GB of RAM for the Galaxy S10 X. We still have such a version with 5G that gives us 12GB of such memory.


Unfortunately we have no information on the price of the device, even so, it is worth believing that the price of the new tops of the South Korean company may well rise. That is if Samsung decides to continue the trend made by its competitors.

in conclusion, look at this information with one foot behind. However, I can assure you that Androidvillaz will bring you everything you need to know before the next Samsung Galaxy S10 is revealed.


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