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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 All new functions of S-Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 All new functions of S-Pen

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was introduced a few moments ago in New York in the United States of America. The South Korean manufacturer’s latest top-of-the-line Android can now do much more with its new pen, the new S-Pen.

Since the launch of the first Galaxy Note in 2011, S-Pen has become an indispensable tool for those who want to do even more with their phablet. The “pen” was no longer just an easy way to take notes and became a remote control.

A command in your hand to control the camera shutter of the latest high-end camera from the Chinese manufacturer. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owes much of the “WOW” factor to the new pen, its new S-Pen, colorful and much more functional in 2018.

S-Pen is what makes “Note” a … Galaxy Note, a top-of-the-line handset for anyone who wants to work and draw on their handset. Now with Bluetooth connectivity, the pen is smarter and will help you get even more out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

S-Pen is more capable for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Firstly, just as phablet now has 4 new colors, the new “pen” also has 4 new colors, bright and easy to see in the distance. Needless to say, the main reason someone buys a “Note” is by their pen, the S-Pen and the big screen. A perfect match for anyone who loves to watch videos, draw and consume multimedia on a mobile device. Well, let’s recap the news of this new “stylus”.



This is the first S-Pen equipped with Bluetooth connectivity (connectivity). But why? Now, so that you can use it to take your selfies, your photographs and control the operation of the camera.

The pen (S-Pen) has a range of 10 meters (from the phablet) so you can use it independently of this. It also has a small battery inside, here with a range of 30 minutes of use or about 200 clicks.

Do you want to load the new S-Pen? Just place the “pen” inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that it loads itself in just 40 seconds. Sounds good? Great because this pen can do even more than control the camera of the smartphone.

A new “pen” for a new “Note”

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen now records three types of clicks – 3 input methods. The first is a short click, long click, and a double-click. Each will awaken a different action on the device itself.

Already in a final note – for the programmers – the South Korean technology will make the SDK available to all interested parties. All who want to find and develop new functions and applications for this pen of the new Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen AndroidThis is the new top of the range of South Korean technology.

In short, you can control the playback of videos and multimedia (Play / Pause). You can also capture or browse through the Snaps in the Snapchat. You can take selfies (and photographs). You can control PowerPoint presentations, among others.

Now, it remains to be seen whether the appeal of the Note and the new S-Pen will translate into sales for Samsung.


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