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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Everything You Should know

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Everything You Should know

At this point, it seems certain that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the next crown jewel of the South Korean company after Galaxy Note 8. It is expected that in mid-August Samsung will launch its next top of the range. Rumors have grown, and the world’s most famous phablet may prove to be at least conservative.

At this point we work hard on the rumors, so the assumptions we make may prove to be wrong later on. However, what we already know leads us to think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will bring the features that will allow you to work with the best. But it can be a disappointing launch.


In terms of design, we do not expect to see major changes. At this point, Samsung is not expected to make major changes to the Infinity Display introduced in 2017 on the Galaxy S8. Given that the design is highly praised and is within what is done in 2018 the Korean manufacturer is not expected to risk this.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should not be much different from its predecessor

This is to say that we can expect, in general, a design similar to the last lines of the brand, including Note 8. Small changes, such as those we saw with the repositioning of the fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S9 is what we count see in this Note 9.

Small details. That should be what Samsung will try to trim, in the production of a device that has not even started. However, do not expect extreme changes in this line.


Rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a Super AMOLED screen of 6.4 inches. With the super fit measures of 18.5: 9, the device must have an Infinity Display that makes any other manufacturer jealous. The resolution should be 2960 × 1440 and it is never too much to reinforce that we will be facing the next best screen on a smartphone (that has been up to that date).

Can Samsung stand out even more at this point? You can, if you launch the fingerprint reader into the built-in on-screen. More so, if you launch it with enough quality to be a ‘serious’ technology. The market needs it, but it needs it improved.


This is one of the great highlights of the S line launched this year. And in the Note line, Samsung should not do more than improve. We should have a dual-camera, as in S9 Plus, that introduces software improvements that make it (still) better.

The great camera flag of the Galaxy S9 / S9 + is the possibility to vary the aperture. Thus, the user has the possibility to rapidly move from an aperture of f / 1.6 to f / 2.4.

The camera can be one of the flags of the Samsung Galaxy Note S9

If we can think of numbers, we are likely to see the same 12 + 12 megapixels in Note 9, which we are currently seeing in S9 +. In terms of the front camera, the 8 megapixels are as expected.In practice, we would be facing something capable of offering great photos in low light conditions. What happens is that the hype did does not necessarily correspond to reality, and therefore improvements are expected in the Note line.

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Here we have to talk about S Pen. Although he personally does not see great utility (although he recognizes qualities), this utensil has its market. It is one of the flags of the Note line and should appear in 2018 with even more potentialities.

At the moment there are no rumors, but Samsung is expected to work this tool even more. S Pen fans expect to be surprised and Samsung will certainly want to show even more about the importance of this gadget in user productivity.

Galaxy Note 9 must have the same processor as Galaxy S9


Rumors point to 6GB of RAM in the most basic version of phablet, and Samsung is likely to go up to 8GB in a higher version.There is not much to escape here. For lack of better, the North American version should have the Snapdragon 845. Already internationally, the Korean giant should bet on the homemade Exynos 9810, processor that offers worse battery than the option of Qualcomm. Samsung is expected to look at the weaknesses of its processor and improve things on the Note line.

Something that should also be more than expected in this terminal was a battery to match. The problems of the past are known, but it is time for Samsung to risk and offer the consumer a battery that matches what a power-user wants.

Whoever buys a Galaxy Note wants productivity. And the 3300mAh of Note 8 does not mirror what the consumer of this product wants. Aware of the problems of the past, Samsung should look forward and offer the consumer a battery that points to the two days of use. We are talking about a terminal large enough for this to happen.

Prices and release date

Given the rumors, August should be the month in which this terminal can be launched, going in meeting of what happened in recent years. However, September is not to be discarded.

In terms of prices, Note 8 has already had its base version coming close to the four digits and it is no wonder that we can have increases in the next version. If we are going to have a Note 9 starting below or above 1000 euros, time will tell.


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