Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside woman's purse

It is true that the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung has had problems, but after a few years, everything is more than healed. This manufacturer has already released four top-of-the-range after it, and there have been no reports related to explosions and fire, or so it was thought, to this day. It’s that a Galaxy Note 9 caught fire in a woman’s purse.

This problem happened with a Galaxy Note 9 that was inside the wallet of a New Yorker.

The victim, named after Diane Chung, lives on Long Island and is a real estate agent, reported that the phone was very hot when she was using it on September 3 in an elevator.

Realizing that, he decided to put it in his bag, and almost immediately after that he began to hear a shrill sound and the smoke began to come out.

She tried to empty the bag into the elevator and ended up burning her hand in the process.

The smoke from the device filled the elevator she was in until she managed to open the door. She said the Galaxy Note 9 was still burning until a good Samaritan took it and threw it into a bucket of water.

Ms. Chung has filed suit against Samsung and is requesting an undisclosed amount in damages and a restraining order that prevents Galaxy Note 9 from being sold.

However, this appears to be an isolated incident, since Samsung claims it has not received any other complaints so far.

He also initiated an investigation into the matter, according to a company representative.


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