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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receives new security update

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receives new security update

At this time the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 presents itself as the top of the South Korean manufacturer. Presented at the end of August it would reach the markets from September. This time without explosions, only with a warm reception by the public. He did not escape, yet at a few frowns when we saw his four-digit etiquette.

Now, on the eve of meeting the Galaxy S9, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets news. Not yet Android Oreo 8.0 but rather a major security update for the whole system. This update has already reached almost all the recent devices of the manufacturer.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, despite being the latest and the best device of the manufacturer, was not even the fastest to receive the security updates. As the sammobile portal tells us, it is only now that this Note 8 gets an update that even the old tops of gamma and mid-range devices have already received.

Anyway, the wait is over. The security update with the  January 2018 security patch is already coming to Europe. Users of this smartphone in France are already receiving the news. The distribution is being made gradually and phased so you may have to wait a little while until you get to your unit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets new update

It is a new firmware (system software) that weighs a total of 707mb so we have well more than one or two bug fixes. In fact, more than a few software updates. You will have, according to the changelog or the list of official changes, corrections of 6 serious security flaws of Android. We will also have the correction of 13 vulnerabilities in the brand’s own system. Not to mention the small corrections that were applied.

It will now be a matter of time until you reach all the units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Being a considerable package I advise you to download the news through a Wi-Fi connection, all this so as not to overwhelm your data plan. What’s more, remember to charge your device’s battery with at least 50% charge before installing any new features.

Finally, you can check its availability in the Definitions – Software Updates. Alternatively, it’s a matter of waiting for the update notification to be available via OTA (over the air).



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