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Samsung Galaxy M20 will arrive with a 5000mAh battery

The world’s largest maker of mobile devices, South Korean Samsung is already preparing a whole new generation of Android smartphones. From the top of the line S10 as well as a new generation of mid-range device. Among them we will have the Samsung Galaxy M20.

However, it is certain that the year 2018 was not entirely free of new problems and the culmination of others that already persist. More specifically, the entire mid-range segment is gradually being lost to Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

That is, we have more and more rivals in what was once one of the biggest bastions of this Android manufacturer. Therefore, the technology giant is aware that it has to improve all its mid-range segment and, it seems, soon we will have news.

What to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy M20?

Firstly, for some months now we have seen some rumors surrounding the possible Samsung Galaxy M20. Now, we get to know some more details of this mid-range Android smartphone, namely its battery capacity. It seems that this will be a strong reinforcement for the most sought after segment of Android smartphones, focusing on price / quality. It will also be a new competitor for the cheapest deals of its biggest rivals.

However, it is highly unlikely that this Samsung Galaxy M20 will adopt some of the most irreverent features of 2018 and 2019. In this regard, we will not have here the built-in fingerprint reader or even an Infinity-O screen. That is, no “hole” on the screen .

What to expect from this Android smartphone?

On the other hand, it is likely that this smartphone will adopt a “notch” shaped like a water drop or tear at the top of the screen. Something that is also illustrated by the conceptual image that you can find below in the article.

Secondly, it is also likely that this Android smartphone will feature a dual camera. Here as well as a fingerprint reader on your rear panel. Its construction should be in metal and glass.


Thirdly, this would not be the first Android smartphone to hit the market with a battery with 5000mAh or even more. However, he could be one of the first to not make the device too thick or uncomfortable.

In the meantime, a single 8MP camera is advanced to the front, responsible for all the  selfies. However, in the rear we will have a double alignment, here with 13 + 5M based on previous information leaks.

In short, its dimensions should be 156.4 x 74.5 x 8.8 mm (height x width x thickness). Something that will give us a high device, admittedly, but not too thick or cumbersome to use with one hand.

Even so, only your official presentation will allay our doubts

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