Home NEWS Samsung Galaxy M will not be featured with Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy M will not be featured with Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy M will not be featured with Android Pie

Samsung is preparing to introduce a new line of smartphones to the world. Therefore, 2019 will bring the new Samsung Galaxy M line which unfortunately will not be made official with the Android Pie inside.

This sad news comes to us through the application of Samsung members. As reported to SamMobile , this list has recently been updated to contemplate the new mid-range of the South Korean company.

The application of Samsung members has been the usual source of the company’s plans for the availability of Android Pie. Here we have received information about the timing of this long-awaited firmware version of the Asian technology.

Samsung Galaxy M will only receive Android Pie in mid summer

So, according to the new list released, the new Samsung Galaxy M will only receive the Android Pie in August 2019. There will be seven long months of waiting for the new taste of Android for those who choose to buy one of these devices.

This means that the new Samsung Galaxy M will arrive with a version of its already outdated OS this is sad. At a time when some of its direct competitors already run the Android Pie, these Galaxy M will still come with Android Oreo.

So it is still unclear whether this new mid-range will be entitled to the new One UI interface that is another big question we need Answer to. This is based on the Android Pie, so it is likely that only next August will it reach the Samsung Galaxy M.

Samsung and its questionable update policy

The South Korean giant has been improving in this chapter, but it is still far from perfect. At this time, only their 2018 range tops run the latest version of Android.

Samsung One Ui Interface


As this list now confirms, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 should only have the same treatment sometime in the next month. Only after all this is that their mid-range will be entitled to Android Pie. That is, only from March will the intermediate models begin to receive the same firmware.

This means that even some 2018 models will receive the Android Pie before the Galaxy M unveiled in 2019. Only this phrase serves to summarize how we can question the policy of updates of the South Korean giant.

It is not enough to launch two smartphones with outdated software, as it still takes more than half a year to correct this error. Samsung can be exemplary in many respects, but certainly not in the management of its software.


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