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Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 receives new system update

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 receives new system update

The Android device known as Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 is currently receiving a major system update. This being one of the brand’s most popular smartphones is also one of your best options for the entry market. Note that the entire J line represents the low range or input range of the South Korean manufacturer.

It should also be noted that, although its price is the most affordable, as far as the Android devices of the brand is concerned, it is not forgotten by Samsung. After years in which the issue of software updates was generally last, market leader Android now shows us a new stance. Updates, even for the more modest Galaxy.

The device itself is very well built. As you can see from its video analysis, the construction of the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 is at a very strong point. It has a good battery, both in capacity and autonomy, a Super AMOLED screen and NFC connectivity. For the price, it is a perfectly valid option.

This will be the first Android smartphone with 10GB of RAM

And while not yet one of the fastest builders to upgrade their Android devices, Samsung is improving. Now, the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 receives a new update with the latest security patch made available by Google itself.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 receives security update

The importance of this security patches cannot, under the risk of negligence, be overlooked. They are extremely important to keep our information and personal data safe. It is not necessary to be an expert or a  geek to know that there are more and more threats in this world connected to the Internet. In this sense, Google makes available a monthly package with new security patches, the monthly patches.

Today is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 to receive this important security improvement to its system. Now, although they are already important, the new  January patch is totally crucial. The threat that everyone was talking about a few weeks ago, Specter and Meltdown will now be resolved after you install this update for your Android.

Already received this update for your device?

They are two of the most worrisome vulnerabilities in the history of technology and Samsung now ends up protecting their Samsung Galaxy J5 2017. Apple has already done so, as well as most of the brands and manufacturers in the Android world. Here, Google has been a great help. It was she who developed “the solution”.

In short, remember to accept and install this Android update as soon as you receive the update notification available. Note that this may take a few hours or days to get to your Samsung Galaxy J5 2017. Such is the nature of the updates distributed via OTA ( over the air ). Its distribution is gradual and phased.

It’s good to see a brand like Samsung to upgrade even its most economical range. These are almost always the most popular for the obvious reasons and so often end up vetoed by oblivion …



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