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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) receive Android update

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) receive Android update

Get ready to receive one more important Android system update on your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). This is one of the most modest smartphones the South Korean manufacturer is now starting to receive the latest security package from Google for the next month. True, this turns out to be the first smartphone of the brand to receive the news.

The modest Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) would begin today to receive this Android system update. The new firmware (system software) began to be distributed in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Now, it is only a matter of time before this update reaches other European markets as well.

It is beginning to be a tradition. Samsung’s more modest smartphones start getting the security updates before the others. This has been the case in the past months and the situation is now repeating itself. This is the  April security patch that has not even come to the Google Pixel yet. At this moment I do not have a Galaxy J3 here but if you have already received this update leave us also your feedback.

Note that every month Google compiles a  security patch for any and every Android smartphone. Or rather, a  patch that any manufacturer can use and distribute to their equipment. It is still caricatured to see these modest devices to receive before the tops of range upgrade but eventually will also reach these.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) receives Android update

Note that for now, even Google released the details, the changelog of patch April. Something that will not be long in happening and as soon as this happens we will know exactly what this security update will correct. Already for the tops of gamma, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 8 update may be a little more to come. Looking at the previous patch, the update would come at the end of the month.

Note that this update is being distributed via OTA (over the air) so it may take some time to get to your unit. Either way you can check its availability in Settings – Software Updates. If the update is available your download will start automatically.

We advise you to download it through a Wi-Fi connection so that you do not overwhelm your data plan. Plus, charge your Android device battery with at least 50% charge before you install the new features.


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