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Samsung “Galaxy J” series allows app cloning too

Smartphones are like sand at sea – and most of them do not differ very much since the manufacturers here rely on the usual components. Therefore, it is all the more important to establish single-entity characteristics that could influence the purchasing decision.

We know You’ve always wanted to use two different accounts for Facebook or WhatsApp on the same device? For that, you had to log yourself so far in the app from the one account and log into the other again.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Explodes In 4-Year Old’s Hand

Samsung is launching a “dual messenger ” with its new Galaxy J series, the Galaxy J7, J5 and J3 so that anyone who has more than one WhatsApp or Facebook account simply copies this Corresponding application – and has then applied the application twice on his mobile phone.  Accordingly, two separate accounts can also be used. Especially for WhatsApp, the dual messenger function is exciting, because the Galaxy J smartphones are available in the DUOS variant with two SIM card slots.

This feature is especially interesting for users who use one of these apps both privately and in business. In addition, the Galaxy-J smartphones of the DUOS version come with two SIM card slots.

Samsung has acquired this feature at the Chinese competitor Huawei. Because it has been possible for some time to clone apps. However, the function is limited to WhatsApp and Facebook.

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