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Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite: we already have an idea of ​​the price of the new foldable smartphone

Samsung is preparing another investment in the foldable smartphone segment with the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite. The South Korean company is the company that has invested the most in the sector and without major competition, it is the one that is starting to lead a growing market.

The rumors for this Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite are mixed. Some say the smartphone will be unveiled this year, while others point to the foldable smartphone only for next year. Regardless of your disclosure date, there is an agreement regarding its price.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite will arrive by 900 €

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite will be the cheapest folding smartphone on the market. However, do not expect the terminal to have a price properly accessible to everyone.

The Device must have the price of 900 €. Although it is the value of a high-end device, it is still a considerable value for the technology that surrounds it.

Rumors dictate that the new Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite will feature the Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 865. In other words, at the moment it is the high-end chip, however, at the time of its launch it will be the “high-end chip from the previous version”. As with the first fold.

What we know about the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite

We still know little about the new device. We only have the idea that Samsung wants to make the smartphone more accessible. However, it is not easy to bring an obviously futuristic device at a price that is acceptable to everyone.

Still, this is the first step towards making foldable smartphones more affordable. Technology evolves and the price goes down. We just need this segment to have a little more competition for that to happen.

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