Home NEWS Samsung Galaxy A6s will be a pretty colorful smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A6s will be a pretty colorful smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A6s will be a pretty colorful smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A6s was a smartphone quite talked about lately. Initially spoken of as the Galaxy P30, it has promised much in terms of mobile technology. However, these expectations have been stuck.

As has been reported several times by our team, this could be the first smartphone in South Korea to have a biometric reader under the screen. This is the technology that many have been waiting for and that Samsung has not yet adopted.

In fact, it was precise because of this detail that a great enthusiasm was generated around the Samsung Galaxy A6s. If the technological gave us the first smartphone with a triple and quadruple camera in a mid-range, why could not do the same with a fingerprint sensor on the screen?

However, as you have already noticed, this will not happen. This component will be positioned on the back of the machine. Something you can confirm by the image at the top and that is part of the new range of photos of the Galaxy A6s.

Samsung Galaxy A6s to be the next mid-range smartphone from South Korea

In fact, before the official presentation of this Samsung Galaxy A6s, we have a range of images that show us what the smartphone will be like. In fact, with regard to the design of the same, there is little more to be discovered.

The first thing that jumps out at us is the colors of this equipment. Therefore, Samsung seems determined to bet on a more daring aspect for its equipment. It can be seen that this model will arrive in colors like red, blue, black and purple.

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What makes this Galaxy A6s aesthetically even more interesting is its front end. In contrast to what has been custom, the same color that composes the back will color the edges of the smartphone screen. The detail that will give another aspect to the equipment.

Still, according to these images, we can see that the Galaxy A6s will be mostly built in glass. The brightness that the rear presents coincide with this type of material.

In terms of specifications, we expect a new bet on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. We will still have 6GB of RAM as well as 64GB or 128GB of internal memory.

On the other hand, as far as your screen is concerned, this will be a 6-inch AMOLED Infinity Display. In addition, we will have the presence of a battery of 3300mAh. Already in terms of software will come again Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box.

Finally, it is expected that this model will be officially presented on October 24. We still do not have concrete data on its global availability, so we must wait for it to become official.


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