Samsung Galaxy A10e passes the Geekbench with contradictory specifications

Samsung Galaxy A10e passes the Geekbench with contradictory specifications

The Galaxy A10e is a more modest version of the already released Galaxy A10. The future device passed the Geekbench benchmark with an Exynos 7885 processor. However, the speeds presented are from the Exynos 7884 that equips the A10.

Although in the image below it is read that the processor of the Device is the Exynos 7885, the speeds do not lie. The Galaxy A10e will hit the market with the same “normal” model processor with a base clock of 1.35GHz.

The Galaxy A10 is already on sale in the Portuguese market with a price of 169 euros. The “e” model will have a lower cost, featuring both the same processor and the same 2GB of RAM.

Once you have passed the mandatory Wi-Fi Alliance certifications, the Geekbench unit shows results in line with the standard model. They are 1163 points and single-core and 3581 in multi-core.

The “e” line is Samsung’s 2019 bet to refer to more modest models. Just as the Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy A20e are more modest versions of the base models, so will the next low-cost smartphone from Samsung.

Screen size and battery size may be the differences between the two models

The differences between A10 and A10e may be minimal. A smaller screen and battery are expected, as Samsung will have to cut in price. As far as performance is concerned, the more modest model will not disappoint those who are undecided between them.

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