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Samsung foldable smartphone: Possible development date

Samsung foldable smartphone Possible development date

The Samsung foldable smartphone could officially arrive with the Samsung Galaxy S10 on February 20. 

With the date of the Samsung Galaxy S10 checked, it’s time to see also the much anticipated foldable smartphone.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung will take the stage of the revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to show us a smartphone with a fully functional folding screen.

Samsung wants to anticipate Huawei with the foldable smartphone

Even if the information is not guaranteed, it is quite logical that this should happen. As Huawei also prepares to show us a foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February, this revelation on the 20th may be exactly what Samsung needs to anticipate the competitor.

Dates of arrival to the market of the Samsung foldable smartphone

Although the folding smartphone from Samsung will be revealed on the Samsung Galaxy S10, we do not think that the device will be coming to market at the same time.

Earlier rumors have said that the construction of the flexible mobile phone will be limited to 1 million units. That is, expect to see a demand greater than supply and a higher price than expected.

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Samsung and Huawei stand side by side

Although Samsung is at the forefront of Huawei’s worldwide smartphone sales, Samsung and Huawei are side-by-side in the foldable smartphone segment. Now let’s see which brand is the best and best you can do. This of course, also at the best price.

The battle is beginning and promises to be one of the strongest of the last times. Since the segment is at an embryonic stage, there is a lack of new technologies to be implemented.


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