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Samsung Display continues to dominate the OLEDS market!

Samsung Display is the screen manufacturing division of the Korean brand and the largest manufacturer of panels in the world. According to the market research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung continues to lead the market in the manufacture of panels, remaining leader according to the results of the first quarter of 2020 (Q2).

Overall, Samsung Display recorded an annual growth of 3% over the same period last year. The Strategy Analytics report also revealed that OLED panels have grown in demand, to the detriment of traditional LCD screens.

In fact, LCD panels are suffering from too much supply and little demand. With more and more adoption of OLED screens and the stagnation caused by the global pandemic, there are a large number of LCD panels that are not being purchased, creating losses.

Samsung Display promotional image

Samsung Display is responsible for more than half the supply of OLEDs

Strategy Analytics further advanced that Samsung Display provides 52 % of OLED screens worldwide, in the smartphone industry. Samsung itself has been adopting alternatives to LCDs in its mid-range smartphones, as in the A-range, for example, most of which have AMOLED screens.

Samsung is taking advantage of the fast demand by OLED screens, neglecting the LCD. In fact, in April, Samsung announced that it would end production of LCD panels at the end of 2020. This decision also affects end users, who will be able to enjoy better screens in their products, without major price changes.

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