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Samsung to begin producing hardware to mine crypto-coins

Samsung to begin producing hardware to mine crypto-coins

Samsung Galaxy S9, one of the themes that have dominated the current technology. Mining crypto-coins, more and more in vogue. Now, what do these two keywords have in common? Well, besides being the slogan in any technology site, according to new reports Samsung will begin to produce hardware for this purpose.

More and more are the names of big companies associated with the recent fashion of  Blockchain and the whole phenomenon involving mining cryptocurrency. Now the South Korean manufacturer is one of the latest brands to enter this world. Not to mine crypto-coins with the Samsung Galaxy S9 but to produce the hardware needed for “mining”.

The news comes through the South Korean portal  The Bell that quoted official Samsung sources. The same company that on February 26 will present the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, is also engaged in the production of hardware specifically designed to mine crypto-coins.

This source says that the South Korean manufacturer will be the supplier of the hardware used by a Chinese company whose main activity is that same, mine crypto-coins. The source turns out not to identify which company in question, states only that Samsung will be the provider of the necessary hardware.

This Chinese company, in turn, will distribute (sell) the equipment manufactured by South Korea. In addition, a user of the Twitter platform also reveals that the brand began producing ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) circuits, components used to mine crypto-coins.

Note that this is no longer the first time the South Korean giant is associated with crypto-coins. Already last October we saw the first signs of this even when the brand joined several Galaxy S5 to create a small mining station. At the time it was just a joke but it would be the first sign.

However, we have also seen some agreements with companies such as Baikal, a Russian company that is dedicated to the production of chips and components needed for this type of functions. A company that also produced the aforementioned  ASIC chips.

Now it remains to know what the next big maker will be to enter this world of crypto-coins!


  1. That’s incredible news from SAMSUNG and it’s very interesting..
    It will be a great and helpful way to the Nation!
    Thanks for the info..

  2. It’s really awesome.. Giant Samsung, will always make way for the youths.. I pray after its been done it should be very of helpful to us.. Thanks for the update.


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