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Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on plane during boarding

Galaxy Note 7 what is really the problem many Samsung users are still using and enjoy the old Note 7 without problem, i just can’t figure out while the Safe Galaxy Note 7 is burning up one will ask if they charger used for charging the device is the problem or what; just as we are praising Samsung for fast response to the Galacy Note 7 Battery fault Another Note 7 battery failure has grounded a Southwest flight, it said to be a replaced device Galaxy Note 7.

"Safe" Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on plane during boarding

A replaced Note 7 user Brian Greene’s device  caught fire on a Southwest Airlines plane which was to set to fly from Louisville to Baltimore. According to The Verge the Note 7 is a verified replacement  and the owner had turned the phone off as directed by the flight crew prior to the fire. The phone burned long enough and hot enough to burn through the carpet and into the subflooring on the Boeing 737. The flight was canceled and passengers, including Greene, were placed on other flights.

? Samsung Resumes Sales of New Note 7 Smarphones After Fixing Battery Explosion Problem

This is worrisome.
You can imagine the scrutiny Samsung is placed under because of this, we all know Lithium batteries are dangerous something should be gone fast before it get out of hand. You will be surprise so many still will not take this Galaxy Note 7 issues serious, when you factor in an acceptable failure rate for anything that has the potential to cause some pretty serious damage, things can look scary.

The only way a ban is going to work is if ALL devices with batteries are
banned. Nobody is going to enforce a ban of just one phone model, even
if they tried. Likewise, they can’t enforce the power off requirement
either. Just as they can’t enforce the Airplane Mode requirement.
The FAA is going to have a tough decision here. Everyone has ALWAYS been
aware of the hazards of Lithium batteries, but overlooked them because
of passenger convenience, and the inability to enforce any sort of ban.
Now what?.

This can’t be good for Samsung, How they handles the bad press is going to be very important, and we’re all paying close attention. Maybe the replacement to your replacement may be the best….


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