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S9 sales make Samsung miss its goal for 2018

Smartphone manufacturers have not yet been able to adapt to a world where users no longer switch handsets as quickly as they used to. The truth is that the performance of these handsets has improved so much that the advantages of changing hands annually, or even every two years, are now tiny.

That said, in the current smartphone cycle, Apple has managed to turn this trend around, with the launch of iPhone X! A device that revolutionized the design philosophy of the company’s mobile phone line. Samsung has launched a top of the range that looks like a copy of the S8, so it is normal that things have not gone as well as the rival.

Although the launch of the Galaxy S9 has not been a failure, and the phone is perhaps the most complete Android in the market. Sales fell short of Samsung’s expectations, in fact, were below the sales of its predecessor, S8. In parallel, overall, sales of Samsung smartphones will be below expected this year.                                                                                          


According to the website ‘ The Investor ‘. There is a good chance that Samsung will not be able to reach its sales projections for 2018.

This is because the company was counting on selling more than 350 million handsets this year! However, now that we are halfway through 2018, Samsung lowered its expectations.

But to tell you the truth, 350 million is a very optimistic projection, the highest ever for Samsung! To be aware, last year the South Korean company had a target of 320 million units.

As an explanation for this drop, an industry source explains that it was not just S9 that caused the problem!

“Samsung’s goal for this year is 350 million units. That is a little above what was originally said. And given the sales of the Galaxy S9, and also the difficulties in the Chinese mobile market … It seems to be a very difficult goal to achieve. “

Just look at the results in Samsung’s own home country, in which the S9 also did not convince! In short, if the company wants to return to the top mill next year, it will have to launch something completely new in the market!

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