Russian agency moves civil action against Facebook and Twitter by national data law

The Facebook and Twitter are being targets of a civil action in Russia, accused of not comply with data laws in the country. The measure came from a Russian telecommunications regulator called Roskomnadzor, which claims that both companies have not yet complied with the country’s regulations.

According to the Roskomnadzor, both Facebook and Twitter failed to explain how they intend to comply with a recent law in the country that requires that all Russian user data be kept only on local servers.

According to the Interfax news agency, the two companies have one month to present their plans, due to the lawsuit filed. The head of the agency, Alexander Zharov, explained that while companies have responded to the request for contact, they have not yet been explicit in their ways of presenting a solution to the problem.

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“They [the emails] have no specifics about the enforcement of the current law so far, nor do they foresee the enforcement of these rules in the future. For this reason, today the Roskomnadzor opens an administrative process against both companies, “Zharov said.

If companies still do not express their intention to do so, the agency can fine them with 5 thousand rubles. The curious thing is that this amount is relative to close to $ 285, an extremely derisory amount for either of the two. The Russian government itself has admitted that it may have to increase its fines to force companies to settle in the country.

Another consequence is that the two social networks have to adapt to the measures of the country in a period of six months to a year. That would be less than the period of up to two years that the government allows if the company presents a timeline on that.

This is not the first time Roskomnadzor has filed suit against a company. In 2016, she fined Linkedin for data leaks in the country. Due to faulty negotiations, the social network is banned from there until today.


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