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Russia will test the ability to disconnect from the Internet

A law has been proposed in Russia that could force Internet service providers to completely shut down this country from the rest of the world. It may seem like a strange measurement, but it has its reason for being. In practice, the government wants to ensure that it is possible to protect the country in the event of an external attack via the Internet. If this happened, the goal was to keep the Internet working only within Russia.

Turn off Russia from the Internet? In fact, this plan is already underway and the first test will be done in the coming weeks. 

With this will be possible to collect information and make corrections in the National Program of Digital Economy, a law presented to the Russian parliament. In addition to being able to disconnect Russia from the Internet, the law also wants Internet providers in Russia to install Device that passes all traffic through Roskomnazor. This strange name is a governmental entity that is responsible for censorship and for closely monitoring the activities of Russian citizens on the Internet.



In practice they want to inspect everything that goes on and ensure that traffic does not leave Russia.

As you know this is not something new. It is very similar to the Great Firewall of China, but with the possibility of maintaining independence with an isolated intranet, if necessary.

Such a test has never been done. As such the Russian operators are very curious to see what will happen.

At this time it is unknown whether this test will disrupt Internet access in Russia. Likewise, it is not known whether all suppliers agreed to participate.

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Russia has already created a local DNS backup.

Therefore, in theory, the Russians should be able to access the six hosted on the Runet. That is, the Russian internet!


Russian operators have already been working on this isolation for many years. However, it is not known how this can all work.

Putin will not say no to this initiative!

In fact, you must give your approval to this law very soon. The point is that first of all you want to see how it all works out. Of course, the government will support all changes to the infrastructure to make this possible.

What do you think of this measure? Do you think that something similar could happen in your country?

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