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“Run Sausage Run” already has more than 10 million installations in Google Play Store

Run Sausage Run

Do you remember Temple Run? Now we have a new game extremely promising and captivating. It’s called “Run Sausage Run” and it’s the most catchy free game in recent months. It’s in the Google Play Store for Android, of course, and it’s free. At this moment already has more than 10 million downloads and installations.

The game is simple and part of its magic is just that. It was brought by TabTale who specializes in games such as ” super casual indie games .” Now, in just 6 weeks since the arrival of the Google Play Store from the Android system the endless racing game already has more than 10 million installations. Not bad for a relatively stiff, knife-averse sausage.

It is the current sensation game and is extremely captivating. It has a total of 4.5 stars in 5 stars possible with over  114,000 user ratings. Part of its success is due to its beautiful graphics, animation and design.

For most of your journey, this game that is winning the Google Play Store is your typical free game. You have to run until you can not. Run until you hit your highs and to get to the leaderboards. Alternatively, you can run with your sausage simply to win as many coins as possible in each race.

Run Sausage Run is winning the Google Play Store Android

These coins can be used to dress your sausage (hope this does not sound bad). You will have several very peculiar skins to give your marathon runner a new colour. You will also have some extras that you can buy with real money. In this aspect, the game “Run Sausage Run” is identical to many others we already know in the Google Play Store. Not that this is negative.

At the gameplay level, I think you’re asking yourself “why is this game so popular”? Well, besides being free in the Google Play Store for Android is its design and the art that stand out. We have lots of colourful graphics and a genuine touch of genius (or at least a well-inspired artist). Now seriously, the designs and the animations are the best part of this game. You will not regret it.

Free game for Android devices

Run Sausage Run Layout

Running through the kitchen with a crazy sausage where what is not lacking are pitfalls is a challenging task. Believe! You will have many ways, each more peculiar than the other, to burn your sausage. Who says burn says slicing, cutting, crushing, etc. So that’s it, you can die (in the game) in a thousand and one ways, each one funnier than the other and that’s exactly what’s holding the players.

At the payout level, you can play Run Sausage Run for free after installing it on your Android from the Google Play Store. However, you will have advertisements appearing between each round of play.

You can remove all these ads with the last payment that is around €1. So nothing bad! You have, of course, other options like the coin doubler if you pay a little more. All of these are purely optional and do not interfere with the gameplay.

Download Run Sausage Run


  1. Run sausage Run! First time of hearing about the game.. Hope its very nice, how it hits this huge massive number of people that have downloaded it.. Will give it a try as well..
    Thanks for the info.


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