(Rumors) AMD Zen 2 Major improvements in frequencies and IPC

AMD is almost ready to reveal the first details of its next-generation PC hardware at the Next Horizon event! Where we will see some samples of chips based on Zen 2 and Vega 20 architecture … Possibly also some results and comparisons with rivals.

AMD Zen 2 – Increases in the frequency and CPI higher than expected in the first engineering samples. In short, today, AMD will talk about its new 7nm products, where we can include CPUs and GPUs.

Of course, the talk about graphics cards will be centred on the new Vega 20 architecture, but it is possible that there is also a little talk about Navi that is due to be released in 2019. Although I am also waiting for an announcement regarding the RX 590, based on the Polaris 30 architecture.

Well, the talk about processors will be focused on the new Zen 2 architecture! Which has been the reason for Intel’s barely sleeping nights.


Zen 2 architecture has been in development for a long time! Incidentally, the team responsible for design began working on this new design, as soon as Zen architecture ended.

Of course, however, some refinements were made to the first architecture, giving rise to Zen + architecture. But the majority of the team was always focused on developing the Zen 2 architecture, which is expected to bring major improvements to AMD’s range of processors.

That said, AMD wants to make an authentic ‘All-In’ server market with the new architecture! Taking the war even on top of Intel and its Xeon platform, which has curiously even suffered a little, since the EPYC processors hit the market.

However, the products focused on the so-called ‘normal’ consumers, AMD Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper, which have been hugely successful in the market, offer excellent performance at a price that Intel simply does not want or can not keep up with.

AMD Zen 2 – Much more than a jump in frequency and CPI


Many people think that the Zen 2 architecture is nothing more than an improvement on the IPC and the frequencies … Which simply does not match the truth!

The architecture was redesigned, trying to cope with all the problems of the first two iterations. However, it is normal for the consumer to think this, after all, the leap from Zen to Zen + architecture was undoubtedly an incremental step.

The leap from Zen + architecture to Zen 2, will be a revolutionary step.

Yes, it is true that there are rumors to mention that there are indeed improvements in the CPI and also higher frequencies. Incidentally, they also mention that these gains are well above expectations … But things do not stop here!

The new architecture will also try to fix or at least significantly improve the memory controller. In order to allow the support of memories with higher frequency and lower latency.

(Great news for the consumer market … But still better for the server market, since it’s something crucial in data centers.)

In parallel, we also talk about AVX support. That despite not being AVX-512, we will have a great improvement of performance in relation to what the architecture Zen 1 is able to do today.

In addition to all this, we must also point out that the new processors will be made with the 7nm process from TSMC!

This in conjunction with the redesign of architecture. It will allow more refined boost frequencies as well as higher XFR and Precision Boost limits.



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