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Revolution Nintendo: Mario Is Not A Plumber!

Revolution Nintendo: Mario Is Not A Plumber!

Nintendo has revealed that Mario, the famous video game character, had given up his toolbox and pipes. Terrible news for its 450 million fans worldwide.

It was the only plumber who does not over-charging you a response. Mario Mario, yes it is his last name, is the most famous character through the galaxy video games. The undisputed leader in sales of video games since 1985, and the release of Super Mario in Japan, it is part of the pop world culture today.

In reality, it appears for the first time in 1981, in the game “Donkey Kong” as the “Jumpman”. Since then, Mario has accompanied all Nintendo consoles.

For 32 years, for the whole planet is a mustachioed plumber Mario. With his red cap, his white gloves and blue overalls with yellow buttons, his job is to go down into the bowels of the earth and tamper pipes, in pursuit of enemies, to save princesses. (Peach, if you look at us! (Our choice of character Mario Kart)

And now today that the Japanese firm decides to throw it to carnivorous plants. On his official identity card, the Nintendo site, Mario is not a skilled worker but simply a star. “Accomplished Sportsman, from tennis to baseball through football or racing, he can do everything with style. It even seems that he once worked as a plumber. “Says his new biography! The hero who now appears in many franchises of the Japanese brand (Mario-Kart, Mario-Tennis, etc.) eventually transcend myth … sort of.

Mario victim of the hype

it would thus become a hype and trendy guy and his past plumber a vague memory. That will surely stir the fan community of heroes cap. The piping is also symbolic of the Mario universe as the character himself. So much so that during the closing day of the Rio Olympic Games, Shinzo Abe, the prime minister had appeared, coming out of a pipe with the red cap of Mario, to take over with the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. An appearance that made drunk with joy the audience.

The secret of success of this game, it is ultimately its banality. it is a video game hero just like everyone else, to which everyone can relate to, because everyone a day due to dirty his hands to unclog her sink!


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