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Revised Galaxy Note 7 battery fix violates Android compatibility docs


Galaxy Note 7 Green Battery Icon

From the Pic above It’s all there, Black and white. Clear as crystal!
Samsung versus Google: Can status icons be green? Google’s docs say “no.”

 Just last week we were meant to  understand that the revised galaxy Note 7 will  Feature Green Battery Indicators In The Status Bar this is to differentiate the old Note 7 with the fixed one Samsung Galaxy Not3 7 what many you don’t know is that they are some rules that are set for all phone manufacturer to follow you can check the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) out for yourself to see. The green battery icon is against the rules set.

The core Android platform is open source, but Google’s Android apps—like the Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and others—must be licensed from Google. Licensing these apps means adhering to several terms from Google, including complying with the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), which in turn ensures that devices are “Android compatible.” APIs need to work the way developers expect them to, hardware needs to meet Google’s minimum requirements, and OEMs need to follow Google’s security recommendations.

In the CDD, the interface design are define how they will look like example are the the System UI and shared theme assets. This includes mandating the color of the status bar icons.

 Android device implementations MUST use white for system status icons (such as signal strength and battery level) and notifications issued by the system, unless the icon is indicating a problematic status or an app requests a light status bar using the SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LIGHT_STATUS_BAR flag. 

Samsung have plan to use green statur bar in a future update which has already Google spells it out pretty clearly: status bar icons have to be white.

We all wait to see what google have to say about the Note 7 Green Battery Indicators In The Status Bar.


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