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Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: the ultimate Android tablet!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 certainly came to “shake up” the tablet market and bring eyes to this segment again. This review will tell you why the Galaxy Tab S6 is probably the only Android tablet to consider when making a purchase. This can be purchased on large stores for a price of 749, 99 €, always depending on current promotions.

Strengths of the Galaxy Tab S6

  • Build quality
  • Sound quality of the speakers
  • Fast loading and satisfactory autonomy
  • Fluid performance without “hiccups”
  • Fantastic shaped screen and colors
  • Excellent pen sensitivity and features
  • Samsung Dex is great for multitasking

Galaxy Tab S6 weak points

  • Screen with rate 60 Hz only
  • Ergonomics of the pen when attached to the tablet
  • Cover accessory with keyboard is expensive ( 179, 99 €)

Solid build quality and design

tab s6
Metal and glass in an ideal combination

The Galaxy Tab S6 has a construction that combines metal and glass in an excellent way. Strategically placed in the upper and lower frame we find the four loudspeaker columns, with the USB-C input in the lower corner. We also have the microphone at the top, with the on / off and volume buttons on the right side.

Finally, on the left side we have the connection pins whose purpose is to connect the cover with the keyboard. Interestingly, it is also possible to use these pins as a pen rest, although this is not the space to carry it. The space to load the S-Pen is located in the back hollow of the tablet, although it is not the most ergonomic place to have it during use without a cover.

There is no 3.5mm jack but if you want to use wired headsets or headphones, nothing that a USB-C to jack adapter does not solve (not included). This is another step towards the trend to make all Device independent of wires.

A fantastic screen

tab s6
The HDR screen 10 + is a visual treat

Tab S6's Super AMOLED screen is HDR certified 10 + and has a high resolution of 2560 x 1080. This combination in a format 16: 10 in 10 .5 inches gives you a simply fantastic viewing experience. Whether you're consuming media, playing games or browsing the interface, you won't be disappointed at all.

The sound quality is simply exemplary

There are many years that I have been insisting that manufacturers should invest more in the sound of their Device, mainly in mobile phones. Fortunately, Samsung has spared no effort when it comes to sound quality on the Galaxy Tab S6. This is because we have 4 speakers tuned by AKG, the longtime partner of the company.

Therefore, we have a sound classified as quadrifonic, because we have sound that comes out doubly from the sides of the device, depending on how grab it. The sound is rich, has quality in various types of music and reaches high volumes without distorting or becoming annoying.

An enviable performance

tab s6
Heavy games or applications are no challenge for the Tab S6

From PUBG Mobile with graphics up to to the more intense multi-tasking, the Tab S6 took care of all the tasks. Its Snapdragon 855 and the combination of 6GB of RAM make this tablet fly in any application or daily use.

Even without closing applications and having music or video to play, along with simultaneously browsing and installing apps, the Tab S6 provided a hiccup-free experience, as a device in this category should

In addition, the Tab S6 has memory expandable by SD card up to 1 TB. This way, if you want to keep your entire digital life (videos, photos and documents) inside the tablet, it is possible to go beyond the included memory.

Galaxy Tab S6 Features

  • Super AMOLED screen of 10 .5 inches
  • Resolution of 2560 x 1600 with 297 pixels per inch
  • Snapdragon processor 855
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Internal storage of 128 GB
  • Rear camera: sensor Angular MP + 5 MP ultra-angular secondary sensor
  • Camera front: 8 MP angled sensor
  • Battery 7040 mAh with charging at 15 W
  • Android 9 with OneUI
  • Biometric sensor under the glass
  • Weight 420 grams

Satisfactory battery life from 2 to 3 days

Your battery 7020 mAh gave about 2 to 3 days of use, with due interruptions. Our use went through multimedia consumption with maximum brightness, games, navigation and several productivity apps, in addition to charging the pen itself.

The Tab S6 comes with a charger 15 W of origin, which fully charges in just under two hours. However, Tab S6 supports fast charging up to 25 W, having to be purchased separately.

S-Pen to draw and much more

s pen
The S-Pen is useful in drawing, notes and navigation daily

Fortunately, Samsung did not do like the Apple and decided to include the S-Pen as an original accessory. S-Pen offers the same functions that it offers in Notes, from notes to more personalized screenshots. Additionally, we have the option of transforming handwritten notes into text, making it possible to copy, paste and share everything later.

However, for the more artistic users, the huge screen of the Tab S6 offers great design possibilities or artistic design. I strongly recommend installing apps like Adobe Draw to experience the pen to the fullest. Unfortunately, the pen button doesn't work in Adobe Draw, so you can't quickly erase scratches.

Samsung Dex is the way

samsung dex
Samsung Dex is what sets Tab S6 apart from too

Although OneUI is much better than Samsung Experience or the old TouchWiz, I still don't feel convinced to use Samsung apps for everything. Applications like the Samsung Store and the Bixby assistant are interesting, but I still prefer the versions of Google that have been tested and used for decades. software is on Samsung Dex. This is the “desktop” version of Samsung, offering an approximate experience to a Windows or Mac computer. The best part is that Dex already works independently of an external monitor, you can activate it inside the tablet.

To further improve, you can connect an external mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth. In this way, the Tab S6 becomes the ultimate productivity machine. Samsung Dex offers an easier interface for multitasking, opening apps and using work in general.

tab s6
Tab S6 is for the most intense users

Conclusion: this is the best tablet on the Portuguese market to work on!

If you are looking for a tablet to work in a portable way, this should be your choice. Its Samsung Dex Desktop mode opens up a world of possibilities for work, due to the external connection of peripherals and the simplified interface, which comes close to a more traditional computer experience.

Its screen and above-average performance will also please anyone who wants to make light photo edits. For the more artistic, the S-Pen is an ideal companion for drawing, in addition to complementing productivity with the functions of text capture and conversion of manuscripts.

In short, there is no doubt about that the Galaxy Tab S6 is an example to follow when it comes to Android tablets. We have performance, sound quality, a bright screen with vivid colors in all situations and features that stand out like the S-Pen and the Samsung Dex. All with satisfactory autonomy.

Your price of 749, 99 € is fair , considering the premium market in which it operates and the inclusion of the pen in the purchase. However, the same cannot be said of the cover with keyboard and touchpad that has a value of 179, 99 €, a high price for a secondary accessory. For more modest users, there is the option of Galaxy Tab S5e, with a value of 459 €.

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