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[Review and Download] AFast Launcher 1.9 — Fast, Small

Welcome to AFAST LAUNCHER review.
AFast Launcher -- Fast, Small - screenshot
AFast Launcher
With less than 5mb, minimal ram and rom required  to ensure a smooth and maximum performance, you could rarely ask for more.If you are a fan of the iPhone like launchers, or just desire something less clustered on your home screen, Afast promises to not let your desire crumble.With a great user interface, perfectly crafted design and smooth premium performance, Afast is one of the best iPhone like launchers delivering a  better look, performance and stability more than an iPhone launcher on an Android device.
With easy access toggles on your notification tray, to on/off Bluetooth, WiFi, torch and more…
To add to that, seeing notification bar isn’t always accessible on applications, there is a side bar shortcut, which houses toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, data, airplane mode, brightness, sound, touch, camera and so on.
Thats not all on the side bar, there is an option to add your favorite apps for easy access, for instance, you can add Facebook, WhatsApp and more for easy access, so you don’t have to go back home to switch or activate anything or launch any application.
There is also a ram booster on the side bar too.
The launcher has a lot of customizations to choose or apply, like icon size scale and label size scale for dock, home screen and folder icons.There is also an option to use fonts on the launcher: no hustle attached, just scan and use, many will find it very attractive.There is also gestures support like swipe to drop tray.. But not enough gesture options I must confess.
Minimal rom and ram usage.
No ads.
No pro or premium, just free.
Different customizable free options.
Folder support.
Folder preview background image support.
Third party icon pack support and theme store to boost.
Easy access to toggles and apps.
Useful side bar.
No option to change side bar background.
No option to change folder background.
Too fewer gestures support.
Only supports unread counts for sms and missed calls.
Conclusion: This launcher is totally lovable, apart from giving your device a new look, it eradicates the need or fear of using a ram hugging or battery draining launcher, no ads to inconvenience you while using the launcher and its available to higher and lower android devices in terms of ram and rom requirements.
By rating, the app is worth a 4.5 out of 5.
Drop your comments or questions about this launcher for us here and we will do our best to be of assistance.
Do give the app a good rating on play store as only fewer apps with such great features and performance come free.


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