Returnal: PS5 exclusive is presented in Portuguese!


Sony Interactive Entertainment presented today a trailer dedicated to fighting Returnal, with the particularity of being completely localized in Portuguese. The game will be released in March exclusively for PlayStation 5.

In the images we can see scenes of gameplay and get to know some of the weapons and supernatural powers that we will have at our disposal throughout this adventure. The protagonist Selene faces several enemies simultaneously on a hostile alien planet known as Atropos.

Returnal is the first PS5 exclusive for 2021

The creative director of the production house Housemarque says that the studio tried to mix several styles of game in order to create a challenging combat, that makes the player always want to return to try a new strategy.

During the action, death will have to be faced as a new challenge, since each failure forces you to restart the adventure. This mechanics promotes several approaches to the same situation and to a careful management of the resources that we have at our disposal.

In Returnal we dress the skin of a space explorer who is forced to land on an unfriendly planet. and in constant transformation.

In order to be able to return home, the protagonist will have to fight not only against aggressive creatures but also against Atropos’ own environment.

Returnal uses and abuses the power of PS5

Returnal PS5

The game also promises to take advantage of the power of PS5, allowing jumps through portals between worlds and extremely short load times. Furthermore, adaptive triggers will be put to the test, with each weapon giving a different feel.

Sound will also be one of the main aspects of the game, with Tempest 3D AudioTech technology being possible in compatible headphones. It will be possible to hear the action from all sides, from bullets to the movements of enemies.

The game arrives the next day 19 in March and is now available for booking at regular retailers or PlayStation Store, with a price of € 79, 99. Sony also offers a Digital Deluxe Edition for € 89, 99.

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