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Retail employees caught ‘diverting’ PS5 stock (video)

It’s one of the hot topics now, the stock of the PlayStation 5 console is depleted almost everywhere globally, and everyone is trying to work together so that more players can take one home before Christmas.

Making this task more difficult are the already famous scalpers, who resort to various tricks to buy, in seconds, the few units that arrive at stores, to sell them at exorbitant prices.

The situation is even worse when store employees themselves “divert” the stock before it reaches consumers. One of these situations happened at the US Walmart chain.

Employees hoard PS5 stock before it goes on sale.

After learning that the Walmart store was going to receive more units of the much-desired PS5, a fan went to the store. It was surprised by a group of employees who tried to buy the entire stock, taking advantage of the shortage of the product to, presumably, make a few extra changes.

Promptly, @adorablemiah took his smartphone and started recording everything, publishing the video on Tik Tok. It goes without saying that the recording started to gain traction, generating a wave of indignation on the part of all those who wait anxiously for the replacements to be able to enter the new generation.

Store employees had to deal with a small, angry crowd that was not even supposed to be there due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PS5 is a precious asset at this time

Sony’s new console has proven to be one of this year’s most precious and coveted products, with news of elaborate thefts and sales at outrageous prices on platforms like eBay or even our OLX.

The approach of Christmas makes half the world desperate for a unit, with the other half taking advantage of the situation to make money from this shortage of stock.

In the particular case of this store, it is unknown how many PS5s have been received, but it seems certain that many less have reached the final consumer through their recommended PVP.

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