Home NEWS Results of the iPhone XS Max strength test

Results of the iPhone XS Max strength test

Results of the iPhone XS Max strength test

The new iPhone XS Max has already been taken apart, tested for protection against falls and compared with the flagships with Android. It’s time to test the smartphone for strength. It’s been a long time since the bending iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone XS Max has a framework of stainless steel and panels of the most durable glass.

According to the strength test of the blogger JerryRigEverything, the iPhone XS Max is as strong as the previous iPhone. Accordingly, he also resists scratches in the same way. It remains to hope that when the glass falls, it will cope with its task and protect the expensive smartphone. As for steel frames, they are incredibly strong, which is not surprising.

Apple claims that the main camera of the iPhone XS is made of sapphire, but it is scratched the same way as on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This means that the company uses non-pure sapphire. The company has followed this tactic since the days of the iPhone 6.

In the test with fire, the iPhone XS Max display lasted more than a minute, which is very impressive. Despite its large size, the iPhone XS Max did not bend at all in the test due to the solid steel frames.


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