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Resident Evil may have series produced by Netflix

Resident Evil may have series produced by Netflix

Resident Evil may be about to win a series at the hands of Netflix. The news came via a note published by Deadline but not yet officially confirmed and indicates that the production would function as an extension of the existing universe, focusing on the Umbrella Corporation and showing a new world order arose after the viral infection which happened at the hands of the company.

The brief synopsis then indicates whether it is a continuation of the film saga ending in 2017 after six films. Constantin Film, which owns the rights to the adaptation of Resident Evil, would be the producer, with Netflix acting as a global partner and also acting in the distribution of the series, which would be exclusive to the streaming service.

According to the unofficial information, the idea would be to expand on existing mythology and bring concepts known to fans, such as “action scenes and easter eggs”. The details, however, are scarce, since production would still be in its early stages and would not even have a showrunner, producer who would be responsible for all aspects of the show. Possible names were also not speculated by the report.

The show would be unrelated to another project of adaptation of Resident Evil also in progress, that involves a resumption of the franchise in the screens of cinema. James Wan, director of the recent Aquaman and producer of films such as Mortal Games and Invocation of Evil, was originally singled out as responsible but denied being involved, indicating that the work would not have worked. Johanes Roberts, of Deep Fear, would be the director and also responsible for the screenplay, alongside Greg Russo, also behind the plot of the new adaptation of Mortal Kombat.

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The reboot would have nothing to do with the six-film saga starring Milla Jovovich, but would bring a more resemblance to Resident Evil 7. The franchise led by Paul Anderson began in 2002 and became one of the most profitable for its distributor, Sony Pictures, despite having divided the fans due to its completely different focus on the games that originated it.

Netflix and Constantin neither confirmed nor denied the performance of the show. Similarly, there are no scheduled release dates for the show and the seemingly coiled reboot of the franchise. Meanwhile, in games, Capcom launches this Friday (25) the remake of Resident Evil 2 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


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