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Resident Evil announcement to take place in June [rumor]

The reveal of the new Resident Evil project, possibly title number 8, could happen next month. Through the Ambassador Program (via Gameranx ), Capcom issued a statement that “members will be able to check a kind of announcement on June 10th” . However, the developer did not provide further details on the content to be presented.

Many speculations about the new game in the survival horror franchise are running the internet. The main rumors suggest that Capcom will present the direct sequence of Resident Evil 7 . The next title is expected to feature the return of Ethan and Chris Redfield.

The classic hero of the saga will have a redesigned look, according to information shared by an insider. So far, he has not revealed whether the changes will be restricted to the character’s aesthetic or whether Redfield’s own personality will also be affected.

In any case, we should wait until June 10 to have more details on Capcom’s next steps.

More details of Resident Evil 8

Although the game cannot have relations with Nemesis or Mr.X, Capcom would be developing another type of predator to chase characters in Resident Evil 8. The monster would be called The Witch and would have mechanics similar to the Marguerite of Resident Evil 7 .

Resident Evil 8 (or VIII): Village would be set in Europe with an inventory style similar to Resident Evil 4. The game would arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, being one of the crossgen titles for the beginning of the next generation.

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