Home NEWS Redmi defends Xiaomi after critic of Honor to Mi 9

Redmi defends Xiaomi after critic of Honor to Mi 9

Redmi defends Xiaomi after critic of Honor to Mi 9

The exchange of pennants between the subsidiaries of Xiaomi and Huawei is taking its first steps. It all starts this morning when the Honorary vice president criticized the code name of Mi 9. Xiong Junmi did not seem to like the name “Battle Angel” and pulled the gallons.

Praising the Honor V20 and its technological developments, he criticized Xiaomi’s battle slogan. “Honor V20 does not stand up to a battle slogan. Instead, it uses leading-edge technology in the development of the mobile industry, “said Vice President Honor.

Honor criticized Xiaomi, but it was Redmi who answered

Xiong Junmi, however, did not stop here. It turned out to be relevant to technologies like the camera on the screen and ToF lenses. While these criticisms were directed at Xiaomi, Redmi was the one to respond.

From the voice of its CEO, Redmi responded to this controversy. Lu Weibing called the ToF technology “gimmick”. He also mentioned that this is used by some brands as a way to make users spend more money.


Honor jumped, but the shot backfired

In addition, he also pointed out that Honor was not the first to bring this technology to the mobile. The Oppo R17 was the first smartphone in the world equipped with ToF lenses, which ends up giving reason to Redmi at this point.

In fact, Redmi is identified as a brand created to compete with Honor. Although the Huawei subsidiary tried to put Xiaomi here and not Redmi, the shot backfired. Xiaomi ignored it, but Redmi finally came out of the den and was competent in the response.


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