RedMagic Cyberpods are the perfect gaming headset and come with an attractive price


Nubia’s subsidiary dedicated to the world of video games has just announced the arrival of its wireless headsets, Nubia Cyberpods. As with your smartphones and other accessories that you have launched to date, these headsets were created entirely focused on the gaming world.

As you would expect, this focus is evident from the moment where we look at the earphones. They arrive with a “gaming” design, with very aggressive lines and very bright color contrasts. But, this is not a criticism, since it has been proven that this is a very popular type of design in this market segment.

Nubia Cyberpods auriculares sem fios

Nubia wireless headsets are perfect for long gaming sessions

Moving ahead of its gamer design, the first highlight is the weight of each earphone, having only 5 grams. Light as feathers, these headsets will be extremely comfortable, even during long gaming sessions.

Another focal point when looking for gaming earphones / headphones is their latency. Especially when talking about wireless headsets, this can be a big problem. In the case of Nubia Cyberpods, they come with support for Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring a strong, stable connection with low latency. According to the brand, players can expect latency of up to 39 ms.

Nubia Cyberpods earbuds bluetooth TWS

The brand also highlighted the implementation of an “atmospheric light” in each of the earphones, which will react according to the events in the game you are playing. Theoretically, it should serve to make the experience more immersive, but it looks like it could be just another gimmick from the manufacturer.

Regarding their autonomy, an autonomy of up to 20 hours, but everything indicates that this value already includes the extra charge made through the shipping box. To control the volume, music playback and calls, you will be able to rely on tactile controls.

Available through the official Nubia website in Europe as of the day 20 in November, the new Nubia Cyberpods arrive with a price of just € 49, 90.

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