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Realme to debut 125W fast charging technology in Europe

Oppo was the first company to launch fast charging technology with impressive 125 W of power. As Realme is part of the company, it is natural that it will also embrace this technology and we already know where it will be launched for the first time.

Through Twitter, Realme’s leader for Europe confirms that the 125 W’s first branded smartphone will be launched in Europe. It remains to be seen when it will be revealed and which model will be chosen.

Quick loading of 125 W will arrive in Europe by hand da Realme

Madhav Sheth’s publication does not reveal much to us and curiously it is illustrated with a charger that is not compatible with European sockets. Even so, Sheth was very clear in indicating that the old continent will be the debut place for this impressive technology.

Confirmed that Realme’s intention is, we now lack additional details about the Device that will feature this fast loading. The model chosen and the date of its disclosure are data that we will discover over the next few weeks.

With about three months to go 2020, there is not much time for Realme to shake the market with this technology. Therefore, it should not be long before the much desired details about this mysterious Device are released.

Quick loading of 125 W promises impressive times

At the time of its official presentation, Oppo showed the full potential of the new fast charging technology. With a power of 125 W, the brand promises to fully charge a battery of 4000 mAh in just 20 minutes.

These figures are impressive, but there is the reverse side of the coin, explained precisely by Oppo. With these charging speeds, your smartphone’s battery health will suffer a lot.

According to Oppo data, after 800 charges the smartphone battery will lose 20% of its original capacity. To get a clearer idea of ​​the impact of this, the company says that fast charging to 65 W compromises only 9% of battery health in the same period.

In any case, we must mention that 800 loads mean roughly two years of use. Even after that time, the smartphone will continue to work perfectly, it simply won’t give you the same autonomy as when you removed it from the box.

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