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Qualcomm to fund defamatory campaign against Apple

Qualcomm and Apple are two of the most influential North American technology companies and the world. Both have a huge contribution in the market as we see it today. However, the relations between the two are anything but friendly.

For months now these two technology giants have been in constant legal disputes. The disputes between Apple and Qualcomm in the courts are not new and the exchanges of charges between the parties are several. The latest chapter of the case between companies labeled Apple as “deadbeat.” According to Qualcomm’s allegations, the company led by Tim Cook has accumulated debts amounting to $ 6 billion.

From Cupertino’s company perspective, these claims are greedy on the part of Qualcomm. Therefore, the latter will want to force Apple to pay twice for the same patents.

Qualcomm and Apple are far from being friends these days

As if this were not enough, we have a new case that puts these two technological faces face to face. According to Business Insider, Qualcomm will be sponsoring a defamatory campaign against Apple.

According to what is advanced, Qualcomm will be one of the clients of the company Definers Public Affairs. The semi-conductor company’s intention is for the latter to spread negative news about Apple.

Qualcomm and Apple are far from being friends these days

These allegations go against what The New York Times has advanced this week. The US newspaper insinuated that a US company would be paying for false news stories about the Cupertino giant.

Definers Public Affairs is not entirely new in this field of fake news. Facebook has also turned to the same company to spread defamatory statements about its main competitors.

Unfortunately, this scenario of fake news is proving to be more and more present in the world reality. This type of scandal broke after the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America and it seems that more and more entities are making use of this disloyal method.

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