Home NEWS Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 will be the heart of two new Xiaomi

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 will be the heart of two new Xiaomi

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 will be the heart of two new Xiaomi

After having advanced here first hand the possibility of two new Android smartphones from Xiaomi debut the Snapdragon 670, we have now more news. First of all, the SD 670  has not yet been presented by the American Qualcomm and probably will not be either. Instead, we will have the first Snapdragon 710.

In fact, we were expecting Qualcomm to introduce us to the Snapdragon 670 as successors of the SD 660 during the Mobile World Congress 2018 ( MWC ). Something that, as you surely know, did not materialize. Now, according to the XDA Developers portal, we have frankly positive news.

Firstly, there will be no SD 670, instead Qualcomm will name these new Snapdragon 710 processors. These will be the system-on-chip SoCs that will integrate two of the upcoming mid-range Android smartphones from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

For now these Android smartphones are known only by their code names, the Xiaomi Comet and the Xiaomi Sirius. According to the exclusive of the portal XDA, will be the first devices with these new “engines” that provide a performance worthy of the top of the range.

Snapdragon 710 from Qualcomm, debuts in Xiaomi

XDA Developers maintains its part in the statements made by a reliable source that would confirm both of these theses. Firstly, that the name of the SD 670 after all will be Snapdragon 710. Secondly, that Android terminals of Xiaomi would be among the first to be able to use this new mid-high-end processor. Next we have one of the images advanced by XDA Developers.

Snapdragon 710

The image above, provided by the aforementioned “trust source” to the XDA portal states that it was obtained from the internal forums of Qualcomm itself. Moreover, they confirm the nomenclature of the new processors of the range 700 that we were here last month.

Xiaomi will have 2 Android smartphones with the new Snapdragon 710

This information is corroborated by the allegations of Roland Quandt, the Twitter @ rquandt account manager and the Winfuture .de blog. The source that already twice has advanced that the Snapdragon 710 would be the first processor of the new range of Qualcomm. Something that now seems to confirm. Moreover, it will have the same characteristics as previously attributed to the SD670.

Looking at the technical characteristics of Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 we have here an octa-core SoC (8 processing cores). We will also have the Adreno 615 graphics with a processing frequency ranging from 430MHz to 700MHz. Moreover, it will consist of two clusters (groups) of cores. 

The first, with two high-performance cores (more powerful), will be a  dual-core Cortex A75. The second cluster will be composed of a  hexa-core (6 cores) Cortex A55 for a low power consumption. Moreover, the configuration of the new processor from Qualcomm has already been confirmed by the Android firmware files (system software), as the XDA portal advances.

What will bring these Android smartphones from Xiaomi?

According to this publication, the new Xiaomi Comet and Sirius will put themselves in the mid-high-end segment. Looking at the Comet we will have here an OLED screen capable of using the Always-on Display function. It will bring the Android Oreo 8.1operating system. Still having support for dual-SIM content. What’s more, we can advance that will bring a battery with 3100mAh of capacity.

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Without forgetting the Infrared port, present both terminals. Some rumors suggest that Comet may be the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi A2  but for now we have no evidence to prove this theory. In the next few days, we expect more leaks to clarify the subject.

How will you call these new Xiaomi with Snapdragon 710?

Already on the other hand, the  Xiaomi Sirius will also feature an OLED screen, however, with a notch, slot, unibrow or cut as the iPhone X from Apple. Moreover, it will also feature the Always-on Display function. Something that always shows you the hours, notifications and other pertinent information.

The device will also feature Google’s Android Oreo 8.1 operating system, in addition to dual-SIM support. We will also have the infrared port to control, for example, the television. Unfortunately, we will not have NFC connectivity nor support for microSD memory cards for storage expansion.

The Android terminal will also feature a 3120mAh capacity battery. What’s more, we have Portrait Mode for your camera. Information confirmed by the firmware analysis for both Android terminals.

Xiaomi has already confirmed a product presentation for April 25, 2018, where it is expected to present the new  Mi 6X. Again, for now they are just rumors. There is no evidence, for the moment, that link the code names to the final names of the product itself. Let’s wait and see what the future will bring us.

Can “Comet” and “Sirius” be the Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi MAX 3? Leave us your opinion below in the comments section.



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