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Qualcomm reveals that only 22% of Huawei’s smartphone and 38% of Samsung use its processors

Qualcomm reveals that only 22% of Huawei's smartphone and 38% of Samsung use its processors

A few days ago Qualcomm and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) “met” in the courts of a US court for the antitrust case that was presented by the latter in 2016.

FTC, in fact, has sued the chipmaker, accusing it of abusing its dominant position in the market for smartphone processors and having “oppressed” other competitors by signing an exclusive agreement with Apple.

Qualcomm’s lawyer, Robert Van Nest, has reiterated that his client is not in a dominant position in the smartphone market, explaining that when the company negotiates with powerful smartphone makers, the process is extremely difficult.

In addition, the lawyer of the popular chipmaker has made it clear that only 22% of Huawei products use Qualcomm’s processors (in 54% of the models use their own CPUs) while with Samsung this quantity rises to 38% (in 52% of the cases the Korean producer uses his own chips).

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Given the percentages so low, concluded the lawyer Van Nest, as could Qualcomm be in a dominant position?

The controversy has not yet ended and the FTC already has a ready objection: the accusation against Qualcomm mainly concerns the market for top-of-the-range processors, where its position is decidedly stronger. We will see if the judge decides to accept the thesis of the chipmaker or if, on the contrary, it will force him to review the way in which he contracted with the various smartphone manufacturers. 



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