Qualcomm requires $ 31 million from Apple for patent infringement

Apple and Qualcomm trading barbs in the US court, and it seems the fight remains strong and strong as companies returned to court this week in San Diego. Today, Qualcomm has demanded that Apple pay a total of $ 31 million, claiming the infringement of three patents and charging Apple with an amount of $ 1.40 per iPhone.

The main complaint is due to smartphones sold from July 2017, which included Intel chips – which replaced the Qualcomm parts. By 2016, the company had begun using Intel modems on some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and since then Apple has chosen to use those parts instead of those of Qualcomm on all of its newer devices.

The three patents in question include: a function that allows a smartphone to quickly connect to the Internet after it is turned on, the process of integration between a modem and processor so that they work together to deal with the application download, and finally one that covers graphic processing and battery life.

Yesterday (7), it was reported that former Apple engineer Arjuno Siva, who was scheduled to testify in court because of the legal battle of the companies, would no longer get involved in the case, and he eventually did not board the flight to San Diego. However, in a turnaround of events, Siva hired a new lawyer and today Apple revealed that he has gone back and that he will go to court to testify next week.


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