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Qualcomm declares its willingness to resolve conflicts with Apple

Qualcomm and Apple are two companies that have been in conflict for too long. The legal disputes between the two companies have multiplied, something that gave us to understand – at least until now – a departure without return.

It should be noted that all conflicts already reported were initiated by Apple. First we had the Cupertino company accuse Qualcomm of charging too much for royalties and patents. In addition, the construction company of the Snapdragon was accused of double charging for the same patents.

This was only the beginning of a legal battle that has lasted for months. After this first accusation, many more followed from both sides, something that led us to believe that an understanding would be almost impossible.

Qualcomm wants to make peace with Apple next year

However, an understanding between the parties may arrive sooner than expected. Cristiano Amom, president of Qualcomm, announced the company’s intention to try to resolve this conflict in 2019.

It was in the context of the Snapdragon Tech Summit that these statements were made. Therefore, Amom reveals his belief that the year 2019 will bring an understanding between both parties, to put an end to all litigation in progress.

Of course, this is just a stating of an intention. Subsequently, Apple and Qualcomm will have to sit at the table in an attempt to solve their problems. However, this process of negotiations is still not guaranteed, much less it has a happy ending.

Qualcomm conflicts with Apple

The Resolution will Benefit Both Companies 

In case everything ends well, the advantages will be several for both parties. On the side of Qualcomm, the American would thus be able to recover one of its most important customers of modems.

On the other hand, this would mean that Apple could come to embed in its iPhone 5G connectivity sooner than expected. It should be recalled that Bloomberg recently released its belief that we would not see an iPhone with 5G before 2020.

This may even happen even if there is an understanding between Qualcomm and Apple. However, Bloomberg’s beliefs were based on the “divorce” between the two and on the inevitability of Cupertino’s technology having to rely on Intel’s modems, which will not be ready precisely before 2020.

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We will now see whether Apple will be able to welcome Qualcomm’s good intentions in a possible deal. Certainly this theme will not remain here, so we will be attentive to new developments.

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