Qualcomm accuses Apple of owing $ 7 billion in royalty payments

The war between Apple and Qualcomm seems far from having an end. After many accusations and attempts to limit sales, this case has finally entered the courts and is headed for a decision.

While the allegations and the facts are being produced, crucial information is being revealed and showing the relationship of these two companies. The latest one realizes that Apple’s owes $ 7 billion to Qualcomm.

On the basis of this proceeding, which has been running for some months, Apple claims that Qualcomm charges it twice for its modems through purchase and patents, and Qualcomm claims that this is a normal procedure and a common practice.

Qualcomm has already tried several times to accelerate this process and make Apple accept its conditions, seeking to block the sale of the iPhone in the US, but without success.

This information is important and shows that Apple is also trying to condition Qualcomm by not paying the royalties it owes, thus controlling a large portion of the money the company manages to make.


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