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Puma creates footwear with self-adjusting foot

Puma creates footwear with self-adjusting foot

From Back to the Future, many people dream of sneakers that tie themselves. Well, Puma may be very close to putting such a product on the market. The manufacturer is testing a new technology called Fit Intelligence (Fi) that adjusts the sneaker to the user’s feet in an automated way.

In order to be able to tighten correctly to the foot of the users, it counts on a micromotor that regulates the cables that effectively do the tie of the sneakers.

The company presented a video showing the operation of the product. The shoe has a kind of sensor on the upper part, called a leather, in which the shoelaces are usually present. The user then makes the swipe movement on this sensor and the sneaker automatically ties to the foot.

According to a company statement, the system is also able to read the size and shape of the user’s foot, adapting more accurately. If the person does not want to squat to touch the module, the sneaker can also be regulated through an application for Android, iOS and watchOS.

Detail of the motor that makes autonomous mooringDetail of the motor that makes autonomous mooring (Photo: Press / Puma)

Although the technology has been tested in a lightweight training shoe, the manufacturer has also said it can take the Fi to other products, both sports and lifestyle. On account of having a micromotor, the sneakers will also arrive accompanied by a kit to recharge the part, with base and cables.

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It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the company works with shoes without laces. In 1968, she added velcro to some of her sneakers, going through cables in 1991 with the Puma Disc, and launched in 2016 a wireless system called AutoDisc.

Recharge Kit Engine System for TennisRecharge Kit Engine System for Tennis (Photo: Divulgative / Puma)

Puma will also launch a beta testing program for Fi through its app, Pumatrac, used for training tracking. With global launch date for 2020, the new product does not yet have the price range disclosed.


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