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PUGB officially released on Xbox One

PUGB officially released on Xbox One
PUGB Xbox One

The battle for the “king” title of the Battle Royale games has been waged between Fortnite and PUBG over the past few months. Although PUBG was responsible for the popularity of this game mode, Fortnite turned out to be a difficult competitor to overcome.

Still, the PUBG community today has grounds to celebrate. After becoming popular on the Steam (PC) platform while still in beta and buggy, the popular Battle Royale game today reached a landmark milestone on the Xbox One.

It was a long time since PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds was in beta for the Microsoft console. But as of today, players will be able to upgrade to the first final version of the game, PUBG 1.0.

This is a novelty that Xbox One lovers have been waiting for a long time. Especially after seeing the PC version receive so many improvements and game modes. Since in the version for Xbox One, the Sanhok map had not even been introduced yet.

PUBG achieves a historic milestone on Xbox One by leaving beta

With the new map – Sanhok – players on the Microsoft console will also have access to new weapons (including QBZ and QBU) and a new pick-up truck. From now on, you’ll also be able to take advantage of all the customization options that were previously only available for PC / Android / iOS.

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Many fans awaited not only the arrival of the new map, but also War Mode and  Custom Match modes. However, the plans of the PUBG team were slightly different than expected.

In the official forum posting, they revealed that these modes will also reach the Xbox One, but not immediately. According to their explanation, in order to avoid a great division of players, they decided to introduce these modes in a phased way.

That is, by introducing only the Sanhok map, they want players to focus on this new map during this initial phase. Achieving extremely reduced waiting times.

Therefore,  War Mode will be introduced as a weekend event at the end of September. In turn, the Costum Match mode will be introduced in the middle of October. This strategy seems to make perfect sense. Keeping the whole community more focused on the news, offering the best gaming experience possible.

In short, PUBG continues to be one of the most popular Battle Royale games on Xbox One, with more than 9 million active players. Certainly, this new update will end up bringing back some players. Just like getting new fans over the next few weeks.


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